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Today’s organizations are facing unprecedented security challenges. The exponential increase in the number of workers active on social media platforms, using mobile technologies both inside and outside the office, bring along new capabilities, but also new security threats.

CTech’s experienced and certified security engineers design and develop comprehensive multi-layered security solutions for businesses’ critical ICT infrastructure. Security solutions that works across the attack continuum – on the network, endpoint and mobile devices, virtually, and in the cloud or data center.

Why Security is a must in our today’s cyber world? And do we need a holistic approach to Security?

The Internet of Things is exponentially increasing the number and type of attack vectors, including:

Mobile devices, web-enabled and mobile applications, social media, web browsers, home computers, and even vehicles.

Creating a daunting challenge for companies and those responsible for defending the infrastructure.

A threat-centric approach to security reduces complexity, while providing:

Superior visibility, continuous control and advanced threat protection across entire attack continuum.

Avoiding security breaches, identify security threats and address potential network’s vulnerability.

Acting more quickly before, during, and after an attack.