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Physical Security

Physical security has long been ignored at the expense of more tangible data, network and applications’ security. C-tech’s consultants ensure to assist customers in creating an end-to-end strategy of security that starts with the most basic practices and systems including:

  • Locking up the server room and tracking in/out access.

  • Setting up surveillance systems and locking the server room’s door to avoid unauthorized access

  • Setting up fire protection using fire alarms and firefighting techniques to protect customers’ most valued assets (servers, tapes and networking devices). In fact, physical security has become a fundamental element in trying to find IT solutions especially with the latest IP technology, which allows these security devices to be deployed and managed with a same IP network.



    • Video Surveillance

    • Access Control

    • Intrusion Detection

    • Identity Recognition

    • Unified Reporting

    • SMS (Security Management System).