Security Services

we believe security is your main concern. Therefore, it is important that businesses have a strategy to deliver effective enterprise security risk management and situational awareness using defense-in-depth strategies, monitoring, analysis and reporting. Our deep technology and engineering experience across the entire IT infrastructure uniquely positions us to view security holistically—with a unified approach to securing data in motion and at rest—that spans today’s private, hybrid, virtualized, and cloud-based technologies.

Data Protection

Devising data protection strategies is challenging and requires highly skilled professionals to conceptualize and deploy end-to-end data security. We help create a plan for enterprises, offering various engagement models that optimally uses IT security solutions to achieve maximum protection against data breaches. Our data protection services advisory and consulting services are as follows:

Data protection audits
Data threat analysis
Risk assessments
Data mapping classification
Policy design & process definition
Feasibility assessment of data

Total Security

Reduce the time to detect and respond to threats targeting your employees and endpoints. Our total security services combine assessment, implementation, configuration, advanced detection, forensics, and monitoring by our security analysts for expanded protection.

  • Raise the security and efficiency of your IT infrastructure
  • security monitoring
  • Access to professional consultants with extensive experience delivering solutions for industry leaders
  • Lower risk – Reliable protection and high level of service quality based on SLA;
Database Security

C-Tech database monitoring and scanning solutions provides activity monitoring and blocking, privileged user and multi-factor access control, data classification, transparent data encryption, consolidated auditing and reporting, secure configuration management, and data masking.

  • Provides wide range of database audits for security, configuration and operational vulnerabilities.
  • Provides with pre-defined policy report templates, making compliance reporting for internal and external auditors effective.
  • Use the results from the database scan to penetrate the operating system and finding vulnerabilities that would otherwise be left hidden.
Mail Security

Stop email attacks with real-time monitoring and analysis of incoming traffic, while concealing critical messaging gateways and shielding email servers.

Our email security leverages a proxy-based filtering approach that filters email in real time which, unlike the store-and-forward method does not write and store email messages to disk before forwarding them on to the recipient. The process acknowledges the inbound email traffic, immediately opens a connection to the recipient email server, and filters the message as it flows through the network stream environment and into your messaging system.

  • Data leak prevention to protect your company from inadvertent or malicious loss of intellectual property, customer data and other sensitive information.
  • Secure messaging and email encryption with secure email cloud services that let employees share sensitive information via e-mail without additional hardware and software for senders and recipients.
  • Secure large file sending to eliminate use of file sharing services outside your organization’s security and compliance control.
  • Spam and malware protection SLA with an email filtering service providing 99% anti-spam protection and 100% anti-malware protection.
Client Security

Client Security allows you to protect your data, device, and identity, thereby increasing the security of your computer.

Interact provides full client security services, which includes in-depth client inventory, driver and utility updating, remote BIOS management, hardware monitoring, diagnostics, and problem resolution., in addition to application virtualization, deployment and migration, and remote assistance.

Our Client Security services includes:

  • Audit service
  • Assessment service
  • Data security
  • Access management
  • Application security
  • Network security